juh MOraes

I am an illustrator, a photographer, an editor, a designer and a teacher: passionate, dedicated and empathetic professional, always willing to learn and to improve. 

I have ten years´ experience producing and editing documentary, fictional, journalistic and educational audiovisual products.

In photography, I have a thing for  portraits. Some of them were exhibited in collective shows in São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and also in Mexico. I was also a finalist in the Prix Photo Brassaï and I was awarded with the Young Journalist, Expocom and Photo Chanel awards. 

I can say with conviction that my areas of interest are interdisciplinary and that has resulted in a lot of study in the fields of visual poetics, psychopedagogy and technological innovation. 

As a teacher, I mix in my classes theory and practice. To me Art is a dialogue  facilitator and an creativity emancipator.


Faces, bodies, nudes and portraits are my favorite themes. I am passionate about the human being: expression: the individual identity that makes everyone complex and unique.


My work as a portraitist requires careful observation and prior contact, but I photography with the lights the moment provides.

although I prefer a clearly expressionist tone: the 

Photography is the portrait of the soul and I try to give what I see it's best for my client.







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Pose  is a photographic project that captures identities from the QUEER universe since 2007. For more than 10 years I´ve been exchanging experiences and learning with trans, lesbians, gays and intersex community.


The illustration  was the first expression with which I capture the world. Since I was a little girl, I doodled people and my grandmother was the first "official" drawing.

Today, in addition to papers and paints, I use digital technologies to paint portraits (mostly).

Digital illustration






visual identity/books/posters