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My name is Juh Moraes.

I am a multimedia designer and artist - a passionated, dedicated, organized and trustworthy

ilustrator, photographer, videographer and editor for the past ten years. I am also a happy and proud  primary and secondary school Art teacher and a tattooist apprentice, who takes a lot of animation courses - someone

always willing to improve

and learn.


If you are in a hurry, you can go straight to my credentials and productions with a click: 

Bellow,  you will find some professional information and  a link to see "the big picture" in galleries :)

I  have  a degree in Fashion (2006)

but it was during my graduation  in  Editorial and Multimedia Production (2009-2012) that I start to work professionally with photography and audiovisual production.

Later I graduate in Visual Poetics (2012-2014) which granted  me a wider perspective to think artistically, the  illustration, photography and audiovisual techniques i use to produce a - sensitive and  effective -  creative narrative for my clients.

I´ve been working as a camerawoman and an editor the last eight years. The last six, I´ve been also responsible for videographing, editing and motion designing, educational  content in one of the major e-learning producers in Brazil. 

But, I  already captured and edited for national television broadcast companies; short and medium movies; videoclips;  politician advertising campaigns, and other audiovisual productions.  

Recently,  I did my first

colorist  job.

When I started working as a teacher,  I immediately interested myself for the educational field and how to help children to find the best tools to learn, so I took a 600 hours course to specialize myself in Educational Psychology.

Since 2016 I am a researcher-professor at Instituto Federal do Paraná.

I also instrucional design a range of educational content that reach the whole country.

Volunteering is an important part of my life. I use my abilities as a multimedia artist to design posters and multiple graphic materials to non-governmental organizations like Escola da Política, Mídia Ninja and LGBTIQ+ Grupo Dignidade. I also offer my professional photographic work to social movements and peripheral communities in Curitiba.

+55 41 98711.9493

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